Late winter.

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The best way to ‘fall’


Contrary to popular beliefs, I have not completely abandoned my blog. I will, however, stop making promises to pick it up again properly. Quite frankly I don’t know if I’ll ever take it seriously enough – maybe I’m just not cut for it, who knows.

Anyway, let’s get down to business.

We are currently enjoying what are believed to be last sunny/warm days of fall – supposedly, everything will go south starting Monday. Since we should take weather forecasts seriously – pun intended for my fellow citizens – I decided to have an out and about today and test out my new phone/ it’s new camera. Quite frankly, I love it – but I’m not here to ‘brag’ about that. But not only that, we wanted to enjoy the sun and warmth of today and stroll down the streets of Timisoara – something quite rare for my lazy bum.  Continue reading “The best way to ‘fall’”

Travel Tales | Germany ~ Dachau Concentration Camp

Hello! few followers I have left due to the chaotic, irregular and little-to-none posting skills I seem to so greatly excel at. This time I’m here with some sort of a travel diary, recounting my experience on my last vacation. I managed to get 2 weeks off work to just leave town and recharge my batteries. Little did I know that the first week would drain me even more. But, to be honest, it was worth the sleep deprivation.

So, to start this travel diary, I will split my 2-week-vacay into a few posts. I plan to dedicate each entry not really to a specific day – even though it might seem like that – but to a specific place.

Since you already saw the title of the post I am assuming you know which place we will be talking about first. That’s right – the Dachau Concentration Camp.

We arrived on Saturday morning (12th of August) in Memingen, Germany, where a friend of ours picked us up. Since Dachau was on our way to his place, he asked if we would like to see the concentration camp. I jumped to the idea since I’ve always wanted to see one.

I knew that once we’ll get there, I will start feeling an emotional pressure and get weird vibes – only thinking about it made me feel like that. However, when we arrived, it was not only that. Combined with the gloomy weather (which, let me tell you, sets perfectly the mood) the site made me physically unable to function normally. I’m not saying I was about to throw up, but my insides were somehow turning against me, my head was feeling heavy, my eyes were watery, my mouth was dry and my heart was hurting.

I can’t say that the sight was beautiful, because who goes into a concentration camp and says “Oh, so nice and pretty”. No, it was not beautiful. But the experience is one of a kind; especially if you are into history – and more important, that part of history. To see and to read about how the camp actually started out, who was first imprisoned, what followed and how it became a symbol of death throughout the 30s and 40s is something that will amaze you.

I don’t want to spoil the historical enrichment the camp has to offer – you will have to visit to find out more – but here are some snapshots of the hours we have spent there.


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Brasov 2017/ Video

The year 2017 started pretty well for me since it started with a trip to Brasov and a desire to make a video while on holiday.

And so, even though I should be studying and/or sleeping, I finally built up the courage to edit the footage from my trip.

Check out the final product by clicking the video down below!

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