The best way to ‘fall’



Contrary to popular beliefs, I have not completely abandoned my blog. I will, however, stop making promises to pick it up again properly. Quite frankly I don’t know if I’ll ever take it seriously enough – maybe I’m just not cut for it, who knows.

Anyway, let’s get down to business.

We are currently enjoying what are believed to be last sunny/warm days of fall – supposedly, everything will go south starting Monday. Since we should take weather forecasts seriously – pun intended for my fellow citizens – I decided to have an out and about today and test out my new phone/ it’s new camera. Quite frankly, I love it – but I’m not here to ‘brag’ about that. But not only that, we wanted to enjoy the sun and warmth of today and stroll down the streets of Timisoara – something quite rare for my lazy bum. 


Travel Tales | Germany ~ Dachau Concentration Camp


Hello! few followers I have left due to the chaotic, irregular and little-to-none posting skills I seem to so greatly excel at. This time I’m here with some sort of a travel diary, recounting my experience on my last vacation. I managed to get 2 weeks off work to just leave town and recharge my batteries. Little did I know that the first week would drain me even more. But, to be honest, it was worth the sleep deprivation.

So, to start this travel diary, I will split my 2-week-vacay into a few posts. I plan to dedicate each entry not really to a specific day – even though it might seem like that – but to a specific place.

Since you already saw the title of the post I am assuming you know which place we will be talking about first. That’s right – the Dachau Concentration Camp.

We arrived on Saturday morning (12th of August) in Memingen, Germany, where a friend of ours picked us up. Since Dachau was on our way to his place, he asked if we would like to see the concentration camp. I jumped to the idea since I’ve always wanted to see one.

I knew that once we’ll get there, I will start feeling an emotional pressure and get weird vibes – only thinking about it made me feel like that. However, when we arrived, it was not only that. Combined with the gloomy weather (which, let me tell you, sets perfectly the mood) the site made me physically unable to function normally. I’m not saying I was about to throw up, but my insides were somehow turning against me, my head was feeling heavy, my eyes were watery, my mouth was dry and my heart was hurting.

I can’t say that the sight was beautiful, because who goes into a concentration camp and says “Oh, so nice and pretty”. No, it was not beautiful. But the experience is one of a kind; especially if you are into history – and more important, that part of history. To see and to read about how the camp actually started out, who was first imprisoned, what followed and how it became a symbol of death throughout the 30s and 40s is something that will amaze you.

I don’t want to spoil the historical enrichment the camp has to offer – you will have to visit to find out more – but here are some snapshots of the hours we have spent there.


Warm and fuzzy!


Well, not really on the outside!

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I reached our 4 year anniversary and my dearest Lizzy Mihai (see my other collab with her HERE) agreed to take some celebratory pictures of us. Not to mention, I took a little bit advantage of her and asked to take some photos of my outfit as well.

I just loved the scenery where we had the photo shoot and decided to upload not only my outfit pictures, but also some with my boyfriend. Lizz is just an amazing photographer and I thank her enormously for the cold she and her boyfriend endured on that freezing morning.

Anyway, for the time being, enjoy the pictures!


Starbucks City Center


The popular chain Starbucks Coffee opened another café today, the 19th of December in the city center of Timisoara! With a total of 28 location, out of which now 3 in Timisoara, I wondered for the longest time why they never thought of opening one in the most visited place in town. It is only appropriate to have your source of amazing coffee in such a location and I’m not just saying this because it is close to my workplace.

The Starbucks team organised yesterday a private opening for bloggers and influencers and I happily attended. The atmosphere and the staff were amazing and I drowned myself in Christmas Specials and in chats with friends and fellow blogger.


Gone cray with lipsticks


I have always been obsessed with lipsticks, mainly because it was the only makeup item I could correctly apply. But lately, I have gone a little bit overboard with them. And by little, I mean a lot.

And I don’t mean I buy all kinds of lipsticks, no, I buy extravagant matte colors. And you would think, well, where do you plan to wear those extravagant lip colors? Honestly, I would even wear them all day, every day. Since I have so many, I wanna showcase them all.

Let me just list my current possessions and some that are on their way.

  • T0o Faced Cosmetics – Melted Matte – Unicorn & Lady Balls


Photo: Temptalia

Blogger rewind – 1 year of RedheadedRogue

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It’s been quite some time since I last wrote in here and I do hope, that for the year ahead I will do my best and be more present. But talking about being present, today I realized that I’ve started my journey with RedheadedRogue exactly one year ago. And this sudden realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve started many blogs and pages in my life, but never has one been so “serious” as this one. I might not have been constant in writing, but I’ve been here for one year.

I’ve done a fair share of photo shoots, some hauls, some Pinterest browsing, some goals setting, and most importantly some life changing. At the beginning of the year, I started shyly in posting, having few posts a month. Around March, I started to post more and more. Then I got a job and I lost my drive and inspiration. But it shouldn’t be an excuse. I might have not prioritized the blog because maybe I didn’t like the way it was going. Reason why, even now, I’m reluctant in posting and you do not hear from me for weeks.

But I will try to do better, I will try to get back on track. We just have to wait and see.

But for now, let’s just look at what I’ve done this year:


  • My boyfriend took me our for Sushi on our anniversary to test out the camera he bought me for my birthday. We treated ourselves well and enjoyed a very nice night. To see the entire post click HERE


  • I did my first post on a theater play that extremely inspired me and I urge my fellow citizens to go watch. Again, full post HERE


  • I got my first insult while wearing this little hat. Hadn’t worn it in a while, but not because of what happened. Post HERE


  • Had my first indoor outfit photo shoot, celebrating  NYE.  Nothing much to say, but I felt awkward AF. More awkwardness HERE.


  • At some point, I did my first haul. Again, awkward and hard to find a setting in my crowded room. See HERE


  • Then, the moment and person that changed my life AND my content. My first photo shoot with the wonderful Agi Forro! See HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


  • That fist photo shoot then led to another… (HERE)


  • Then I wrote about the Youth Theater Festival in Timisoara, in which (after a one year break) I also took part. I wrote two articles about theater, you can check them out HERE and HERE 


  • What followed was a location based (amateur) photo shoot at the Fortress in Deva. We had nice weather, taking into account it rained a half an hour before this shoot.
    Check it out HERE


  • Important achievement; went and met Ana Morodan. HERE what I’ve learnt from and about her.


  • Then, for another photo shoot with Agi (which you can find HERE) I had my makeup done by the wonderful Anca .


  • And because I didn’t have enough, I got another friend of mine (hi Teo!) to take some pictures of me when we met up for coffee. See HERE


  • Then another photo shoot with Agi! HERE


  • Aaaand during the summer, I got a job. Which inspired THIS post:



  • Over the summer I had 2 outfit photo shoots (sad, I know) but, like I said, I lacked the drive. You can see these posts HERE, HERE


  • Then, when fall started, I collabed again with Agi for my first themed photo shoot. I had an unhealthy obsession with the 50s and spent a lot of time researching how to recreate that period in an outfit. See if I succeeded HERE.


  • And lastly, my former classmate, who is an amazing photographer took some pictures of me on the roof of my apartment building. See HERE the final product.


Actually, what I really want to say with this post is


Thank you to the ones that encouraged me, helped me, photographed me, put up with me and my wishes. Thank you to the photographers, who did their best with the pictures and have heroically dealt with my nagging. Thank you to the friends that liked and shared my posts, constantly urging me to become better. And lastly, thank you to my boyfriend, who stood by me through everything.


Doctor Strange, especially for IMAX!


Am impresia că multe postări pe blog, mai ales în ultima perioadă, încep cu “cine mă cunoaște știe”. Simt, oarecum, să mă justific așa pentru că pentru anumite persoane poate părea ciudat că am un ușor nerd în mine, având în vedere că sunt pasionată de modă. Eh, mie oricum nu mi-a plăcut niciodată să mă axez doar pe o singură chestie, și atâta timp cât mie îmi place un lucru (fie el orice), sigur aflați și voi.

Așadar, cum spuneam, cine mă cunoaște știe că ador filmele Marvel. Nu prea merg eu des la cinema, dar când merg, este de obicei pentru a viziona un film Marvel sau un film făcut după o carte.

Recent, am fost invitată la un sneak-peek al unui film Marvel care urmează să apară în curând la Cinema City. Și anume Doctor Strange. Iubitorii mei de Marvel știu cine este Doctor Strânge și cu ce se ocupă, dar celorlalți le spun eu pe scurt.

Dreamfall Chapters


Poate multă lume nu s-ar fi așteptat, poate multă lume nu știe, dar am o ușoară gena de “gamer”-ița în mine. Zic ușoară pentru că nu ma joc în mod constant și nu sunt foarte dedicată cauzei. Dar când găsesc un joc care să-mi placă, nu mă mai desprinzi ușor de el. Lăsând la o parte boala mea de Sims (care, pe bune, nu e un joc cu care să te lauzi că ai fi gamer) am câteva joculețe, pe care le-am jucat în prostie și ale căror viitoare variante le voi juca religios. Un asemenea joc face parte din trilogia The Longest Journey (1. The Longest Journey, 2. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey și 3: Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey). Evident, le-am jucat pe toate. Bine, acum sunt în procesul de-al juca pe ultimul apărut.


Ca să nu trec direct la Dreamfall Chapters și cu ce se mănâncă, am să vă zic pe scurt povestea. Poate, poate vă prind și vă apucați de primul joc. Oricum recomand!

Primul joc (The Longest Journey) prezintă povestea a două lumi, Stark – lume unde predomină tehnologia și Arcadia – lume magică, care sunt ținute în balanță de o putere exterioară. Evident, balanța asta este pusă în pericol și astfel peripețiile încep. 

Fall Wish List 2016


Vine, vine… toamna? Mai vine? Că e prea cald afară!

Eu, una, abia aștept să se mai răcorească, ca să mă pot bucura de anotimpul meu favorit. Majoritatea hainelor mele sunt de toamnă, tocmai pentru că îmi place atât de mult. Cel mai bine mă simt atunci când frunzele încep să cadă și culorile tomnatice predomină (chiar dacă mai și plouă și e posomorâtă vremea).

Și, deși nu am bani, evident că am tras un ochi pe site-urile mele favorite (H&M și Asos) ca să-mi fac inima rea. Prea multe haine și prea puțini bani…

Oricum, vă las o listă cu favoritele mele și, în caz că vă place ceva, vă doresc să aveți bani de aruncat!