Dress – Koton

Shoes – New Look


This week I graduated. I finished college, I’m now studying for THE exam and I hope to get a degree. Not really sure what I will do with it because the time spent in college did not help me find my way and I will most definitely not be a teacher (since many people think that if you finish Languages and Literature, you’ll automatically end up a teacher). This will not be the case for me, but I do hope to apply the little things that caught my attention throughout these three years. I don’t want to say that I have wasted three years of my life here (even though sometimes that’s how I complain) because I do feel proud of what I have learned and – ironically – of my diploma paper. But I hoped to find answers to my life questions while in college, which did not happen…

However, I’m still young and I do plan to act and answer those questions soon!

Thank you, Master Millenium for organizing our festivity!


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