Festival vibes? No. Just summer vibes.

E primăvară, dar temperaturile mă duc cu gândul la vară. Ca mai apoi să revină la “normal”. Dar, totusi, e cald afară și eu mi-am scos hainele de “lejereală”.

Și mi le-am la timp pentru duminică, când m-am întâlnit cu minunata mea Agi (pe care sigur o știți acum) la o cafea în Scârț. Inițial, era o întâlnire de “afaceri”. Dar cum să nu punem în funcțiune un nou obiectiv? Nu mă pricep eu la ce minunății face, dar aveți rezultatul mai jos.

EN: It’s spring, but the temperatures make it feel more like summer. With an on and off motif. Still, it is warm outside and I just dug out my flow-y clothes.

And I got them out right in time for my outing with the wonderful Agi (whom you should be familiar with by now). What seemed at first like a “business” meeting turned into a photo shoot with Agi’s new lens. I can’t tell you what it does, it’s not my area of expertise. But you can see the result down bellow.


DSC_0131nDSC_0130DSC_0137DSC_0138DSC_0139DSC_0161 copyDSC_0163DSC_0173DSC_0200n

Salopeta/ Jumpsuit – New Yorker (still in store)

Fringe Kimono – C&A

Sandale/ Sandals – H&M

Ochelari/ Sunglasses – Meli Melo


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  1. Love this outfit, we used to have a C&A in England many years ago I loved it and they never brought one back. X


    1. Thank you!
      It’s too bad that it closed down… but there’s still hope! Maybe, maaaybe at some point, it will be back!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Fashion Saint Prays 🙏🏾 lol


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