3 years and counting…


On the 7th of December 3 years ago, I received the most beautiful gift anyone could receive. Love. This love has given me strength, has supported me in all kinds of situations, has never let me down and was always there to cushion my fall.

It is only natural for me to dedicate my first post on this blog to the one that helps and supports me constantly in following my dreams. Thank you for always being there and for being mine!


So, now to the actual post of the day.

To celebrate our anniversary we decided to go to Sushi Ya in our hometown, Timisoara. He’s never eaten sushi before and I wanted to be there to see his first reaction to raw fish. We decided we wanted to pig out, especially since both of us starved almost all day.

Firstly, we ordered our drinks (which, of course, were oh-so-typical!). I ordered Sencha (Green Tea) and he ordered No.1 beer in Japan, namely Asahi.


He also ordered Shrimp Miso Soup, but I was in no mood for soup, so I just patiently waited for our sushi.


Our order, the Yokohama plate, consisted of:

2 Sake Nigiri, 2 Maguro Nigiri, 2 Tamago Nigiri, 4 Spicy Maki, 6 Sushi Ya Maki, 8 Surimi Maki, 8 Special Ebi Maki

If you are not into spicy things, I wouldn’t recommend trying Spicy Maki, because it will ruin the taste for you. I did. Once.

On the side, we also ordered California Maki because it’s a plate to die for! It is my favorite dish and I don’t ever eat at Sushi Ya without ordering Cali-Rolls.

After taking those couple-y pictures, we decided to stroll down the city center and take some more pictures. We only managed to take some pictures of the Christmas Tree next to the opera before we decided that we were freezing and we should take off.

Our night did not end there, though.

After taking one last selfie, we had some business at the Mall and we went that way. Of course that business turned into shopping and I couldn’t leave without a few bags of clothing, accessories and make-up.

But more on that in another post.

Stay tuned and take care!


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